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The new establishment
AGE: 41
INDUSTRY: Entertainment, Tourism
EDUCATION: Chulalongkorn University and George Washington University
The global movement seeking equality for the third sex has been the focus of much attention of late. To Phantusak, the Managing Director of the world-renowned Tiffany Show, this has been at the forefront of her work since she took over running the show from her father Sutham Phanthusak 18 years ago. When her father invested in the show 40 years back, the Tiffany Show was hardly an internationally known Thailand institution; he turned it into the theater and spectacle that it is today. In addition to the Tiffany Show, there is the Miss Tiffany beauty pageant for Thai contestants and the Miss International Queen and Miss Tiffany Universe, which welcomes transgenders of all nationalities to compete for the coveted titles. To Phanthusak, Miss Tiffany has always aimed to set the standard for transgenders worldwide, offering a place where they are able to showcase their beauty and abilities. She has also been active in lobbying Parliament for equal rights for transgenders and continues to do so, pushing the human rights agenda. In addition to running the show, she also runs the family’s Woodland Resort in Pattaya and plays a role in the in the province’s development. Her vision for the future is to see Miss Tiffany go international, beyond its home in Pattaya to make gender equality a reality.