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The new establishment
AGE: 27
EDUCATION: Regent's College, London and Central Saint Martins
The “How to” videos from this young make-up artist caused a frenzy on YouTube in 2011, making her an instant online sensation in Thailand and beyond. Chittasenee then parlayed her Internet celebrity status into something that has transcended the virtual world. She has merged her training in performance art, her management skills, and her passion for make-up into a career path that has trail blazed the road for many after her. Her videos made Chittasenee a bona fide expert on color and beauty, gaining her swarms of followers and landing her endorsement contracts with the likes of Biore. Beyond endorsements, she collaborates with beauty brands globally, creating exclusive collections and content, and continues her trade as a make-up artist. A recent collaboration with Something Boudoir shows that her vision extends beyond cosmetics, her aesthetic able to manifest itself in clothes. On top of all that, her expertise enables her to consult, earning her the role of Online Creative Director and Creative Consultant for many companies. She is a true new world, new establishment icon, bridging the digital and real words to create a reality that is truly her own making.