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The new establishment
AGE: 33
INDUSTRY: Entertainment
There are few actors in Thailand who reached the level of stardom at 30 years-old as Everingham did, though he has been a public personality for more than half of his life. There are also few super-celebrities who are in his position that have the natural talent and drive that he possesses. What Everingham has achieved in his career is staggering, considering how many films he has acted in and, more recently, how many he has produced with his relatively new production company, Halo. Although he held out for many years, he acted in his first soap opera last year to much acclaim. Definitely at the level of “establishment”, Everingham is also the epitome of “new”, with his irreverence and constant evolution keeping him relevant; not satisfied with just being a celebrity, he continues to challenge himself with new ventures from a furniture start-up to a hotel in Chiang Mai. Although he has mainstream stardom, he is adventurous in his choice of films and the roles he takes on, and is therefore the only actor of his generation to be a superstar and an indie darling at the same time.