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The new establishment
AGE: 32
INDUSTRY: Entertainment
EDUCATION: Assumption U.
Chermarn is the femme fatale of our generation, with a natural talent and charisma on the silver screen that is undeniable. She is the embodiment of the sultry, strong leading lady; her grasp of acting, her chosen medium, is so sound that she seems to effortlessly become the person she is directed to be. Like the actresses of generations before her, Chermarn has an old-school glamor that makes her one of the industry’s most sought after leading ladies, despite her tendency for old-school diva behavior. She defies expectations, taking roles that are risqué and challenging, sometimes even disturbing, and yet she is able to help the director in his/her suspension of reality to become that character, no matter how difficult it may be. Young actresses following in her footsteps have big shoes to fill as Boonyasak’s filmography demonstrates her mastery of her craft. Let’s not forget that she has no fear of nor care for what the media thinks. This makes her the kind of celebrity who is judged on her merits and her talent, not her social media feed.