The new establishment
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The new establishment
AGE: 30
INDUSTRY: Politics
EDUCATION: King’s College London
An heiresses with the kind of determination and ambition that Kridakorn possesses is few and far between. From her university days onwards she knew that she would embark on a political career. Despite a tendency for heiresses to be socialites who are inclined towards fashion, Kridakorn dabbled there but knew that her life would ultimately be devoted to politics. Though the Democrat Party is not in power (and has not been for a while), Kridakorn takes her role as party speaker seriously, traveling throughout the country and working closely with citizens to see what changes she can make. Involvement in Thai politics takes guts and courage, as it is not a pretty scene nor is it one to easily navigate, with its arcane rules and embedded corruption. Yet, this is the landscape in which Kridakorn navigates and, from the looks of it, one that she has committed herself to, for better or for worse.