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The new establishment
AGE: 34
To be blue blood and a bad boy seems like a hopeless stereotype but Chakrabongse is neither; rather, what he does, the quality of music that he produces, his passion, and his humility surpass any labels society might want to give him. Yet he is a renegade with a singular vision and drive, including his younger days, when he went back to his Thai rural roots and toured the country playing bluegrass and country music with Carabao. Parlaying this unique sound into a record deal with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and the release of the song “I Got 99 Problems but the Bitch Ain’t One” to a bluegrass leuk tung beat, Hugo defied expectations. He moved to New York to pursue his career before finally returning home with his wife and two sons so that he could make a career and an impact back home in Thailand.