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The new establishment
AGE: 38
EDUCATION: Tam High School, California
In 2000, the only hip hop in Thailand was the music from Joey Boy produced by Bakery Music. Then along came Khan. When he founded Thaitanium with Day and Way, the future of hip hop in the Kingdom was changed forever. With hits such as “Yak Lai” and “Sood Kob Fa” and collaborations with the likes of Carabao, John Legend, and Snoop Dogg, Thaitanium and its leading man Khan started both a musical genre and a movement that would otherwise be absent in Thailand. Preference for the music aside, it is undeniable that the way Thai teenagers dressed and what they sang changed post-Thaitanium: baggy jeans and backwards ball caps have since gone mainstream (as hip hop is essentially is the new global pop). Thaitanium packs stadiums in Thailand and has a viciously large following with the Thai diaspora abroad. What was really the “baller” move for this rapper though was procurement of shares in the airline Asian Air: after all, every hip hop mogul of our generation has to have an airline.