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The new establishment
AGE: 35
INDUSTRY: Luxury Watch Retail
EDUCATION: University of Oxford
The last decade has seen scientist turned investment banker turned luxury watch retailer Tamavanukup transform his family’s passion for creating and collecting fine watches and jewellry into a successful business venture for the future. A childhood spent exploring watch ateliers in Switzerland led to a fascination with these intricate machines, which, in turn, led him to study chemistry and science, only to later find himself working as an investment banker. But it was the skills and insights from investment banking that enabled him to see that there was a market for luxury watches in Thailand, as his generation has the taste and education to appreciate these fine specimens. The venture into luxury watch distribution finally led to a joint venture with Singaporean company The Hour Glass, forming a symbiotic partnership in PMT Hour Glass, of which he is the Managing Director. His vision for the future is to share these masterpieces with generations to come, as he believes that the future for these timepieces is as collectible works of art. Judging from his vision and the success of his moves thus far, we trust that he will be the curator of this art for the generation to come.