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The new establishment
AGE: 36
EDUCATION: Fashion Promotion: London College of Printing
To reinvigorate and make relevant an entire genre of music for a generation of listeners who would otherwise be ignorant of it is no easy feat. That is what Nattapon Siangsukon aka Maft Sai and his partner Christ Menist have done for molam music. It started with what has become the stuff of legends, Paradise Bangkok parties where you would sip on yaadong and listen to Thai funk mixed with Ethiopian sounds, courtesy of ZudRangMa Records, the label they founded that specializes in Thai funk, world music, and molam. The love and passion that drove the two to dig deep into the Thai rural countryside and find the forgotten heroes of molam is laudable. Under the circumstances, the way that Siangsukon researched the music and was then able to record songs with these musicians of the past in order to make music history for the future is genius. The Molam International Band (Maft Sai, Menist, Kammao Perdtanon, and Sawai Kaewsombat) is a global phenomenon this year, which witnesses their second world tour. His love for music (the kind that we didn’t know how much we could love and is so much a part of our shared history) is what makes Maft Sai both a maverick and a visionary.