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The new establishment
AGE: 35; 29
INDUSTRY: Entertainment
EDUCATION: CU; New York Film Academy
The next generation of the Kantana family has a powerful vision for the future of their family business. Starting off as a production studio, Kantana is now a vertically integrated studio that also operates its own channels, produces shows, and runs a film academy that is part of Mahidol University. Piyarat is often seen out at social events but, in the realm of business, has a clear-cut vision and a decisive understanding of exactly what he wants. The bold move of purchasing the rights to The Face, Ugly Betty, and Gossip Girl, the latermost of which they produced a Thai version of is one such move, and it is clear that part of their vision is to produce quality content that goes beyond the present standards of Thai TV. The brothers make a dynamic duo as Kant directs the shows, adding a cinematic touch to a genre that is otherwise rather drab and lo-fi in Thailand. Kant has also directed his own features, including Hong Hoon. The future of Kantana looks bright with these two in charge.