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The new establishment
AGE: 35
INDUSTRY: Art, Music
EDUCATION: Silpakorn University
Khunprasop, aka Note Dudesweet, hosted the first Dudesweet Party in Novemeber of 2002 in an abandoned restaurant on Khaosan Road. What started off as alternative underground gatherings that played music of a certain era in hard-to-find locations defined a movement for an entire generation. The renegade grew up but has hardly lost his edge–a controversial, often comical, deeply witty personality, the artist and designer has undeniable talent. He co-founded Slowmotion Studio and produces some of the best design work the region has seen. An active force beyond his own work, Khunprasop is an advocate for the arts, co-founding Art Forward Fund Award for new Thai talents with Pette Bencharongkul, and keeps busy on diverse projects from short YouTube films (his trolling on social media sheds light on topics that need criticism) to an exhibition of his record covers last year and with a large solo show coming up in 2016.