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The new establishment
AGE: 36
EDUCATION: Silpakorn University
It is hard to imagine a muse to the contemporary art world with a network that is as international as that of Singh’s. An enigma to most, undeniably beautiful, Singh has risen to the height of international recognition and success, quietly, on her own, with help from only her closest friends (albeit the biggest name artists and designers in the world). She is a muse and hostess of her own imagining, hosting the most memorable dinners on Earth, in which she even manages the kitchen. Her sense of style and taste mean that what she cooks and how she serves it is always stunning and, fortunately, her taste buds match the supremacy of her aesthetic. Having relocated to Paris some years back, she has founded a catering company that cooks Thai food (Yalamai Catering) for the world, from a pop-up in Venice to the NYT Luxury Conference Dinner in Miami, and now with two restaurants in Paris, the latest one called Rose. There is no list of New Establishment in this country without Rose, who is able to connect the world to her home, Thailand.