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The new establishment
The free-spirited Rouypirom is the epitome of classic Thai handsome, resembling a leading man from a Thai film of the golden era. This appeal only increases once you learn that he is not only dark and handsome but also a doctor, and since founding his non-profit SATI has been devoting his life to preventive medicine for youths. After realizing that working as a doctor in New York City and Baltimore did not cut it for him, Rouypirom decided to return to Thailand to pursue his dream of starting a foundation that would improve healthcare and health education in underprivileged communities, both in Thailand and beyond. Of late, Rouypirom has been focusing on workshops teaching preventive health measures to hilltribe youths in Chiang Rai and impoverished communities in Bangkok. This is in addition to his collaboration with The Hub Saidek to aid underprivileged and homeless youths. These simple preventative actions are in line with the definition of sati in Pali Sanskrit, which is “mindfulness”. SATI also has a scholarship program and is sending one student to pharmaceutical school. Rouypirom is fiercely devoted to his cause and represents an underserved, underrated part of our social landscape: the non-profit.