The new establishment
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The new establishment
AGE: 36
INDUSTRY: Hospitality
EDUCATION: Chulalongkorn University; Imperial College of London; Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.
There are those who are forced into their heir apparent roles, and there are those who were born for them, the latter including Pangsrivongse, whose various appreciations are reflected in her education and her entrepreneurial ventures outside of her family’s venerable hotel group. With the completion of Cape Nidhra Resort Hua Hin in 2012, Pangsrivongse proved that she is able to carry a company on her own. With careful adherence to her Father’s lessons, she is being groomed to become his successor. The thought of Thailand’s hotel scene being bolstered by the imagination of this tasteful, sharpwitted Renaissance woman who is free from shareholder influence makes one optimistic about the future of Thailand’s ethereal shorelines and undiscovered provinces.