’90s Brand Comeback

The world is reliving the ’90s once again, with all the nostalgic hype and revival of iconic brands from two decades ago.

April 20, 2017
“What goes around, comes around” is not just a description of how karma works. Fashion, likewise, always repeats itself, as trends emerge, fade, and reappear all the time. Just as we have seen the recent return of childhood favorites Nintendo and Pokémon, “throwback” brands in the fashion world, including Fila, Guess, Umbro, Ellesse, Le Coq Sportif, Chrome Hearts, and Reebok are all evidently cool again. Birkenstocks are once again fashionable and Stussy has reinvented itself as a hip-hop/streetwear apparel brand. Even Puma is once again relevant, thanks to Rihanna. Talk about a blast from the past!

Interestingly, the fans of those revived brands are none other than those who grew up with them and, although the brands have tried to become younger, their biggest fans have inevitably become physically older while remaining emotionally young at heart. For old time’s sake, Generation Y can be spotted wearing some of the best—and a few of the worst—sportswear fashion brands of their youth: FUBU, anyone? Or JNCO Jeans? I mean, let me just pause here for effect.
The resurgent popularity of the ’90s has repositioned streetwear at the level of luxury, as fashion houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior embrace the trend. There’s a frenzy of shopping mayhem whenever Supreme drops any of its items, including the collaboration collection with Louis Vuitton. One of the most sought after luxury fashion brands, Vetements, recently collaborated with Champion and Reebok. In other words, the brands have not only made a comeback but also brought old friends to mingle with new friends to create a wonderful new circle.

Fashion trends that were sported in the ’90s have also made their way back to the top: the crop top, the platform shoes (seen at Marc Jacobs and Demna’s Balenciaga), choker necklaces, pigtails, and Baywatch-style swimwear, to name just a few.

As with any fashion trend, one can’t help but wonder how long this worldwide one will actually last. What we know for sure is that this is just the beginning, and there’s more yet to come. The beauty of this trend is it is an all-embracing one, whether you’re a ’90s kid or a Millennial, an Hermes gal or a H&M chick.

To help navigate the trend, we have created a gallery of some of the comeback brands of recent years because who can honestly keep up with everything on the Internet these days?