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A Man's Best Accessory

A well-manicured beard can instantly make a man more attractive to women—especially city gals. So, if you happen to be a bearded fellow or are thinking of growing a beard, you will want to follow these key tips and tricks.

March 07, 2017
While many guys think that having a beard is a simple as growing out their facial hair, it’s more than that. You wouldn’t wear a nice suit without dry cleaning it and keeping it wrinkle free, would you? Finding the right style of beard for your face shape is an essential first step. This is where so many guys go wrong. No matter how well your beard is maintained, if the style doesn’t suit your face shape it can make you look like a hot mess. The best way to find the right style is to grow out a full beard and start trimming from there. If you have a long, thin face, then a full beard can give you a more masculine look, whereas a wider face can be made to look longer and more trim with shorter sides and more hair on the chin. For you men with strong chins, you will look best with shorter beards (just a little longer than stubble), so you don’t lose your defined jaw line.

Once you’ve found the style that works best for you, make sure to keep the neckline natural. The worst thing you could do is shave the neckline too high, which can make you look heavier than you actually are, and create a drastic cut between your beard and the rest of your head. To keep it natural, start just above your adam’s apple and shave a natural line up just behind your jawbone. Keep this in mind for your cheek line as well. You only need to remove enough to ensure there are no stragglers growing too high up on your face, keeping the line that follows your natural growth.
When you’ve grown out your furry new friend, be it the Sir Walter Raleigh or the full Garibaldi, having a proper beard trimmer is very important. It’s great if you go to the barber for a trim every few weeks, but you will need to maintain your beard in between appointments or you’ll end up with a scraggly mess. Seeing as you will be using it at least once a week, it’s wise to invest in a good quality trimmer.

Last but certainly not least, keep your beard clean. You shampoo your hair, right? Then don’t skip shampooing your beard, too! To ensure your beard looks top notch, shampoo two to four times a week, depending on the climate you live in: the more humidity, the more shampooing you will need. If you’re rocking a beard on the longer side, you will also want to use a beard balm or beard oil, which will put an end to wiry, itchy hair, prevent split ends, and give your skin hydration too.
Phusik Pattanaprakarn “Pa Tuek” is one of the most stylish men in town. His impeccable taste in mixing vintage pieces makes his wardrobe as remarkable as his facial ‘do: a fully-grown Hollywoodian beard with slight handlebar moustache.

Cult Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has rocked his signature short-boxed facial ‘do for as long as we can remember. This post-modern look is best paired with an all black ensemble, topped off with a classic fedora.
Playhound creative director Jitsing Somboon doesn’t just make fashion forward design, he also has a keen eye for art that has translated into his signature style: long hair and the not-so-perfect-yet-perfectly-unkempt facial ‘do.

If you’re looking for a prim and proper look, Street Style master Nick Wooster is one to follow. Wooster keeps his facial hair in top shape with daily maintenance and balances it out with slicked back hair.