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Blonde Ambition

Is it weird to experience major hair envy towards…a bag? Learn why you'll never have another bad hair day with this blond bad Boyy.

November 30, 2016
Is it weird to experience major hair envy towards…a bag? Maybe not. I mean, given all the blonde axioms that’ve been crammed down our throats since childhood—you know, “Blondes have more fun”, “Gentlemen prefer blondes”, “Blondes drink for free”, “My other Prius is a blonde”—we’ve basically been brainwashed (blonde-washed?) into thinking we all need to reach for the peroxide at least once in our lives. And what with current flowy, floor-length fur trends literally sweeping the streets everywhere, there are accessories out there so pretty, so precious, they give their wearer a downright complex. Look, they said I was cute, they said they loved me, so what exactly are you bringing to this conversation? 

Case in point: the Romeo Kidassia Saffron, latest ‘It’ bag from ‘It’ brand Boyy. Yes, with a name like a footballer’s/supermodel’s offspring comes great expectations, and this fair-haired prince does not disappoint. Go ahead, gaze upon its sturdy, handsome structure; bask in its halo-hued crowning glory; stroke its wonderfully wispy mane (ok, maybe don’t do that last bit, especially if it doesn’t belong to you). Indeed, that cotton candy goldilocks makes this baby infinitely more high-maintenance and hence, infinitely more desirable. Boyy co-founder Wannasiri Kongman recommends gently brushing the goat fur with a wooden brush and storing away from sunlight and moisture when not in use, ensuring the bag is kept in its dust bag and hung upright to avoid messy tangles. And in the horrors-of-horrors that your Romeo gets rained on? “Blow dry the fur with cool air then leave it to air-dry,” suggests Wannasiri. “You can also use a loose brush to brush it afterwards.” 

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