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Cocktail Napkin Review: JUSMAG

Cheers to our favorite speakeasy beer bar: Sathorn’s “secret” watering hole for duty-free craft beer. Here's everything you need to know, except how to find it!

August 18, 2017

Serious beer geeks have known about this one from the get-go; newbie beer drinkers who were lucky enough to find their way here in the days before Beervana learned trial-by-fire, getting to taste numerous imported suds for the luxury of non-imported prices.

Sure the stock is hit-or-miss: sometimes there’s no imported beers at all and the selection semi-frequently changes, but with quality craft beers now starting at 120 baht you really can’t go wrong (yes old-timers, we miss the good ol’ days of 99b Sierras and Fat Tires too).

Come for the beers, stay for the tater tots, Doritos flavors you can’t find outside of the US of A, and the occasional steak and salmon BBQ night (last Friday of each month), this is one speakeasy that Bangkok beer lovers hold close to the heart—and the entrance location close to the vest.