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Double Take: Intira Thanavisuth x Joe Cheung

In our Double Take column, 2 fashion personalities sound off on fashion, beauty, grooming, and lifestyle trends. For the month of love, sweet, fashion-forward couple, Ann Intira Thanavisuth and Joe Cheung, discuss love-related topics, from the Kimye romance to Mae Nak.

February 26, 2017
image: instagram @Chuenggee

Intira Thanavisuth might be the youngest among her siblings, but she’s definitely the caring big sister to those around her. A fashion icon and the life of the party, her down-to-earth personality makes people quickly warm to her. Ann doesn’t own an Instagram account, but the hashtag #annintira has over 3,000 mentions.

Joe is a model and an absolute sweetheart. He is living proof that looks and brains can naturally co-exist within the same individual. Always well-dressed and dapper, he has been featured in Thailand’s top fashion magazines on countless occasions.

Kimye’s Relationship

#Annintira: This is the scariest couple. They would do anything to make headlines. They are the symbol of bad taste.

@Cheunggee: Growing up, Kanye’s The College Dropout album had a big influence on me. Kanye’s style changed the landscape of hip hop—instead of being a gangster talking about “hos and money", he talked about real life situations. I had always tried to defend Kanye through his crazy periods, but I just think he's gone too far by marrying Kim, who in my eyes is famous for doing not a lot... but I guess that's the world we live in today. I can't say much on the relationship as I don't pay much attention to the Kardashians. Just bring back the old Kanye!

Kobori and Angsumalin VS Mae Nak and Pee Mak

#Annintira: I am not into neither of them, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick Kobori and Angsumalin because I don’t like horror stories.

@Cheunggee: The 1999 version of Mae Nak starring Sai Charoenpura has made me terrified of horror movies to this day. I spent a lot time in rural Thailand with my grandma, and after having seen that movie, when night fell, I would be hiding under the covers every night! But I would go for Mae Nak and Pee Mak, as it's a terrifying but touching love story.

Love trend in fashion

#Annintira: I don’t hate this trend, but I personally wouldn’t wear it because it’s not my style. I like the positivity of this love trend, though, and positivity is always good energy!

@Cheunggee: I can't say much about this. Maybe all the craziness in the world right now, people hating on each other, is inspiring a trend for more love. Trump being the US President? Brexit? Pretty much all negative news.

Melania or Ivanka Trump (in terms of fashion sense)

#Annintira: Ivanka Trump, definitely. She looks amazing and she makes Trump’s image a little bit better. She’s very sophisticated and composed.

@Cheunggee: The one that Tom Ford didn't want to dress. Well, maybe the other one. Trump’s daughter seems cool... more normal. And she didn't copy anyone's speech.

Unusual wedding cake

#Annintira: I prefer traditional wedding cake because I like simplicity and uncomplicated, which is probably the opposite of what I am perceived to be!

@Cheunggee: Wedding cakes are all for the women. I don't particularly understand them, to be honest. I guess it's a showpiece: a conversation starter. As long as I get a piece, I'm good.

The Lovers by Rene Magritte VS The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

#Annintira: The Kiss, of course. The Lovers is a bit creepy for me.

@Cheunggee: The Kiss. I remember my mum had a copy in our house when I was growing up. I had never ever appreciated it until now. As a kid, I thought it was a mess. I mean, I could paint that, surely? But growing up, I guess my perception has changed and so has my outlook on things.

Lead image credit: Sretsis