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Explore the Charm of the Chaophraya

From the culinary creatives who brought us Somtum Der and Supanniga Eating Room by Khunyai, we welcome you aboard Supanniga Cocktail & Dinner Cruise.

August 15, 2017
If you’re in the mood for a creative cocktail and happen to be in Banglamphu, Bangkok’s old town, jump aboard the Supanniga Cocktail Cruise (aka the Champagne Taittinger Cruise), a 2+ hour voyage up and down the river upon colorfully cushioned sofas that are ideal for sipping from the following cocktail menu by Vesper as you listen to a soundtrack of dixieland jazz.
While all the cocktails are excellent, we most enjoyed Vesper’s twist on the classic Sazerac with exotic tropical fruits (Wanted on Voyage). Served straight up in a highball glass, this flavorful and potent potable is a great way for visitors to wrap up a day of Thai temples and old city sights or locals to imbue themselves with a taste of the tropics.

In addition to the cocktails, there’s a bar full of Taittinger Champagne and a selection of red and white wine. There weren’t any beers on the menu, but we usually drink Beer Lao Dark at the restaurant, so it’s worth asking for if you must. Otherwise, you can stick to the soft stuff, including sparkling San Pellegrino (which is ultimately better for you anyway ;)

As for temples and sights along the river, guests of the cruise are provided with an excellent river map featuring illustrations and descriptions of important riverfront buildings one passes along the way.

Guests can board the cruise either at River City or Supanniga Eating Room Thatien (just south of the actual Tha Tien), meaning that you can enjoy a pre-dinner cruise and then have dinner with a sunset view of the recently renovated Wat Arun at the new Supanniga x Roots Eating Room, but make sure you book ahead.

Otherwise, after the cocktail cruise the boat departs for a dinner cruise, featuring a set menu that changes every 2 months (Vegetarians please request special menu at time of booking). As the boat seats maybe only 24 guests and the ambiance is quite classy, this is easily the most intimate dinner cruise for those looking for a unique date night or hoping to impress some visiting guests. Bon voyage and bon apetite!

For reservations: Call 02-714-7608, Email: or Visit their Website