Get Fresh with Bangkok Best Juice Cleansing Delivery Services

Whether a juice cleanse is an exotic trip to a wonderful place or an unpleasant experience depends on your willingness to give up little luxuries, like donuts. We tried 4 juice cleanses in Bangkok: a big sacrifice, but worth it.

December 08, 2016

Broccoli Revolution
This vegan restaurant has a juicing program that is a little different from the others. Their juices are organic and come in glass bottles, but unlike the other juice cleanses we did, Broccoli gives you three big bottles of juice a day rather than six small ones. It’s the same quantity of juice, but you need a fridge and some glasses at hand, which is fine if you are not on the move and definitely better for the environment. But in terms of ease, we probably prefer our small bottles in cooler bags. The program is different too, with entirely different juices over the three days. We like that there is organic kale in the juices and that everything is organic, though we would have liked more structure. Juices can be picked up at the restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 49 or delivered to you.

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Me Juice
We love that you have the choice of plastic or glass. Six different juices a day for three days, with the combination changing slightly each day. We really like the names they give their juices and the use of herbs. We also liked the different options available for the cleanse•that certain cleanses targeted different results, be it glowing skin or a reboot. We went for the original cleanse, which suited us just fine. Approachable, friendly, and whenever a quick fix was needed it’s so great you can easily pop into New Moves at Amarin to pick one up. Otherwise, great tasting juices delivered to your door.

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Lifestyle Juicery
The granddaddy of the juice companies in Bangkok, this one has been around the longest. The juices are clean, smooth, and very healthy. The juices were delivered twice in complementary cooler bags. We particularly loved that each day the six juices came with a small bottle of alkaline water and a seasonal mini juice that chases the hunger away during the mid-afternoon dip. Our favorite juices were the green one (#2 of the day), the coconut water (a wonderful electrolyte for the afternoon), and the sublime almond milk. We liked that you could also choose between all-fruit, mixed fruit and greens, and all greens. Juices delivered on time, free delivery.

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This one gets our vote for the best branding of the juiceries in the city, with slick and modern design and an adventurous taste profile that is very drinkable. The juices come with a cooler bag. The juices are totally different in style from Lifestyle Juicery, with a more gourmet touch to juicing even though the colors would not suggest otherwise. They didn’t come with extra little treats but the density of the juices was great. R+H is newer on the scene (founded in 2015), and we are happy they exist. As with Lifestyle Juicery, there are six juices a day, and each day you get the same ones. There are three levels of juice to choose from, depending on your experience and your taste. The juices delivered for free, two deliveries for four days of juice.

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