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Getting Pampered

The recently renovated Le Spa at Pullman Bangkok King Power offers intriguing new treatments that will have you feeling refreshed, looking rejuvenated, and likely returning for more.

August 05, 2017
The first new-to-Pullman spa treatment is the Hammam Experience, which is based on traditional Moroccan techniques. Upon entering the dual steam and therapy room you will experience a welcoming atmosphere that gives you the feeling of being back in ancient times. Begin by relaxing with herbal tea and mineral water amidst the pleasant temperature of steam. After your pores are opened and your skin is moist, you lie on a warm white stone bed upon which a therapist cleanses your skin with argan black soap and a gentle scrub with a Kessa glove. Finish with a rinse of warm water and dry, and then the therapist pads you with rose water.
After the 45 minute Hammam Experience, you can move to another room for an Exclusive Pullman Facial by Filorga. Relaxing background music and calming scents fill the room, so you can just relax or have a nap during the process of the facial treatment from a professional therapist. The combination of specialized Filorga Products, cleansing, massage, mask, and moisture combine to give you radiance and hydrate your skin. The end result leaves you with smooth skin with a good facial touch.

The other new-to-Pullman treatment offering is LPG Endermologie, a slimming technique using the latest technology to offer 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive, skin stimulation that “naturally reactivates the cells’ metabolism”. We tried the Body Endermologie, which targets various different areas on men and women. Having never heard of the treatment before it was quite an experience, which required wearing a spandex bodysuit that a therapist attempted to remove with a vacuum. If you’ve never had such an experience before, it is something unusual but not in an unpleasant way, and if it helps smooth cellulite, release fat, and firm the skin as promised, it was well worth any awkward giggles.
Also on offer was the Face Endermologie, which claims to boost the natural synthesis of essential youth substances including collagen for more firmness, elastin for more suppleness, and hyaluronic acid for more volume and hydration. We’re not sure about all that though, because we spend the other 60 minutes getting a pre-Endermologie Body Detox Exfoliation, which seemed a suitable accompaniment to the body vacuuming treatment.

While we’re sure some will come for repeated Endermologie treatments (there are various packages and promotions for multiple visits) or soothing hammam scrubs, on our next return we may try some of the other intriguing spa treatments including the Coconut Body Exfoliation and the Aloe Vera & Sunburn Treatment, especially after a trip to Phuket (you can read our Robe Report: Pullman Arcadia).

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