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Go Locavore or Go Home

Sourcing local ingredients has paid off for Bali’s Locavore restaurant: 2Mag dropped by Viu at St. Regis Bangkok to attend S.Pellegrino’s Masterclass on The Art of Fine Dining with Chef Ray Adriansyah to find out how.

March 27, 2017
an eco-conscious food philosophy that places an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients

“Go Local or Go Home.” Never have words on a ballcap been more meaningful to a dining experience. Sourcing local Indonesian ingredients has certainly paid off for Locavore restaurant in Ubud, Bali, which recently jumped 27 spots on Asia’s Best Restaurants list (#22 in 2017). We, however, were sampling a pair of Locavore dishes at the St. Regis Bangkok, and Chef Ray showed us that he’s livin’ la vida Locavore.

While our menu explained that one dish would feature wild crayfish, Ray switched to river prawns after spotting some fine looking specimens at the market a day earlier. Naturally, all the ingredients of the day were Thai sourced, but the last-minute alteration was a testament to “Locavorism”, an eco-conscious food philosophy that places an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients.

The combination of the ingredients as they appear on the Locavore menu, however, are both locally and internationally inspired—in part a result of working in tandem with Chef Eelke of the Netherlands. For our experience at St. Regis, the feature dish was clearly inspired by Bali, but could have just as easily come out of Thailand: Into the Sawah (“sawah” being the Indonesian word for “rice field”), which consisted of rice, a duck egg yolk, snail, frog leg floss, fern tips, and wild flowers.

While Locavore claims to feature contemporary European cooking with hyper-local ingredients, Indonesian cuisine is certainly on the upswing. If you missed your chance to try Chef Ray’s food at the 5-course dinners offered at Viu this week, make sure you book a table at Locavore on your next trip to Bali, and try for yourself what the buzz is all about with a five- or seven-course food and drink pairing at Asia’s hottest restaurant.  

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