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It's Err Good in the Hood

Self-described as “urban rustic Thai”, Err is fittingly housed in a former Old Town shop-house. 2Mag visited to try their street-style staples that offer an emphasis on quality produce and the omission of artificial ingredients.

November 30, 2016

The venue
Describing itself as “urban rustic Thai”, Err is fittingly housed in a former shop-house in Old Town, walking distance from Tha Tien Pier. The venue has been filled with the remnants of old Thailand: a perfectly bold collection of travel posters, toys and serving ware to please the vintage fiends. Visitors are instructed to find their way without the car, highlighting the space’s encouraging environment for drinkers.

Must eat
The menu lifts staples from the street with an emphasis on quality produce and the omission of artificial ingredients usually synonymous with the menu items offered.
The Mapo Tofu (230THB) is an expression of Err’s philosophy: a crowd favourite so polished it shines. Chefs Bo and Dylan combine herb-fed pork from Sloane’s with a unique braise of ginger, black pepper, red onion, eggplant.
House-fermented meat makes up much of the menu, including the finely-flavoured Sai Ouwa (195THB). Sloane’s pork makes another appearance in this popular snack, resulting in a lower fat content and an emphasis on spices.
The deep-fried skin of an entire chicken (150THB), or Nang Kai Thort in Thai, is as indulgent and ludicrous as it sounds. The dish is served perfectly crispy with homemade Sriracha sauce, a guilty favourite of chefs from every kitchen.

Must drink
Buoyed by Err’s atmosphere and unique menu of Thai liqueurs in shots, mixes and cocktails, visitors are encouraged to find their way to the bottom of the collection of vintage glasses. The GMtini – named by Chef Dylan for the interference of science in corn crops – combines “Mr. Popcorn” corn liqueur, fresh lime, Thai basil and cinnamon in a robust concoction topped with larb-spiced popcorn.

Paradise Bangkok by Maft Sai.

Perfect for
Err is the place to bring out-of-town friends, as it offers a balance of a true Thai atmosphere and a surprisingly sophisticated menu, at prices that encourage ordering the entire menu. Its location, cute-but-rustic interior and extensive drink range make for a perfect meeting spot for wowing new arrivals, without resorting to Western menus or expat haunts.

The crowd
Err attracts a discerning crowd of diners on the hunt for delicious and unique food, who are willing to express their love for the world to hear, based on the immense outpouring of gushing reviews on social media. The dishes and drinks are presented in unashamedly photo-worthy fashion, while the atmosphere ensures that small screens will be quickly exchanged for real conversation over not-too-flashy fare.