Kevin’s Definitive List on How to Wonderfruit Well

For 4 nights a year, Yangon-based chef Kevin Ching eats, breathes, and (occasionally) sleeps Wonderfruit. The Wonderfruit veteran shares his must-see, -do, and -bring essentials for last-minute change of hearts.

February 15, 2017
1. Book the Horseshoe Point Resort as soon as Wonderfruit dates are announced.
It’s by far the most conveniently-located hotel and therefore an easy taxi back after a long night at the Quarry.  At a four-day festival, I need high-quality rest and restorative, fresh coconuts by the pool so that each morning doesn’t hurt. 

2. Go in with friends on an RV Campervan and RV pass. 
It’s not only your transport to and from Bangkok but also a home base, tailgate venue, emergency crash pad, and private A/C retreat throughout the festival. Use it everyday to regroup, pre-game, nap, and enjoy sunset cocktails on the roof. 

3. Buy tickets to a Wonder Feast early; they sell out. 
Some of the hottest chefs in Bangkok come out to host incredible banquets on long, communal tables. Book with a group of friends; they are visually and gastronomically stunning. I’ll be at Jarrett and Paolo’s Reggae Sunday brunch this year. 

4. Support artists, installations, and activities with social causes. 
The amazing thing about Wonderfruit is the creative synergy between art, culture, social awareness, and the environment. This year, I’m supporting Wonder Kar, an up-cycled mobile festival sculpture (with a bar) and 2Mag’s Egg Picnic collab with artist Ong Kongpat in support of SATI Non-Profit’s efforts for hill tribes in Thailand. 

5. Hang out at Rocketfruit (The Rocket tent). 
The Sapparot Group always does a bang-up job with a fantastic bar, great coffee, lots of seating, and their own line-up of DJ sets. It’s a party within a party and I’m there constantly throughout the day.

6. Stay up with your friends at least once for sunrise at the Solar Stage (after the Quarry).
A beautiful thing occurs when you’re dancing on top of a hill, at sunrise, with people you love.
Kevin’s Wonderfruit essentials:
1. Flash Tattoos: everyone loves them. I use a whole bunch on one main decorative statement: too few and it can get basic. 
2. Sunnies: I always have a pair on me at festivals, day and night, and sometimes, day again. You can’t go wrong in iconic Ray-Ban Clubmasters with mirrored, “flash” lens.
3. A light scarf: The fields can really cool down at night. I personally love the look of a shemagh/keffiyeh worn as a scarf, but if that’s too political/hipster/2003 for you, any scarf will do. 
4. Fancy dress for one evening: This year, we’re celebrating a friend’s birthday on Friday night and all coming dressed in shimmering galactic fabrics. 
5. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera: Obsessed. The original Instagram. Bonus points for picture-in-picture posts.