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Meat, Glorious Meat

Satisfy the carnivore in you with these meat dishes at Wild & Co.

March 20, 2017
While it’s still debatable whether humans should be herbivores or carnivores, it’s undeniable that many of us love nothing more than a succulent cut of meat, cooked to perfection. But if you’ve been behind the grill long enough, you’ll know that cooking meat to perfection is no piece of cake: you need the right quality of meat, the right cooking tools, the right ingredients, and the right patience for it. Alternatively, you can just go to a restaurant where you know the chef can do all those for you.
Wild & Co is one of those places. This little black cabin on Rama 4 Road has a rustic feel to it, with a lot of trees and animal displays that remind you of being in the forest. It calls itself a “meat centered restaurant” and if you look at the menu, you’ll see why.
Smoked beef ribs (1,390 THB) is made with 400g Surin wagyu beef, which tastes as marvelous as the Japanese one.
With a wide array of meat choices, including rabbit sausage, crocodile meat, and lamb, in addition to beef, pork, and seafood, any meat lover will instantly warm up to this place. We started with a less random dish: Smoked Beef Ribs (2,890 THB). Premium Sakon Nakhon beef ribs are hickory-smoked for eight solid hours, and seasoned with sea salt. At first bite, the meat explodes with the salivating taste of juicy beef, full of flavor without being overpowering. The dish comes with homemade pickles, coleslaw, and tortillas, which we honestly didn’t pay much attention to as the ribs were too good for us to focus on anything else.
Not a beef person? No problem. The Crispy Pork Sirloin (420 THB) won’t disappoint you. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, it has an uplifting scent of French hickory, with a sweet and tangy apple balsamic sauce. It is served with sweet butter squash puree that tastes creamy and heavenly.
For a lighter treat, the Tuna Salad (380 THB) is served with local organic greens. The flavor is given a Thai twist with chili. For daredevils out there, the “?????????????” (not a typo: that’s the actual name) is described as “random chef’s selection, not for the faint hearted.” Pasta dishes, desserts, and craft beers are also available at Wild & Co., which will have its Grand Opening on April 1. Check out for more information.