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Meta-Pours: Love Hurts at Teens of Thailand

In the first of our "drink dedications" series, 2Magazine teams up with Teens Of Thailand to create a cocktail inspired by love, pain, and the pains of love.

February 23, 2017
We want to dedicate this drink to all the ladies of the night working around the corner.

With the “Day of Love” in our rearview mirror, we started to wonder what “celebrating” Valentine’s Day really entails. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced one or two (or ten) bad Valentine’s Days in our lives, and most of us have come to the conclusion that love actually hurts —and not just on Valentine’s. In fact, it hurts most days of the year. It can hurt so good, and more often, hurt so bad. Think break-ups; the lingering love of an ex; loving someone so much that it hurts; wanting to be loved by someone so much that it hurts; hating someone that you love (significant partner, family member, friend) to a degree that it hurts —damn, doesn’t love just hurt?

So to skip the clichés, while still keeping in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve paired up with the creative team behind the infamous gin bar, Teens of Thailand to create a cocktail based on the theme of "Love Hurts", asking them to interpret the sentiment in their own way and capturing it in a drink that tells their story.

Working with our Love Hurts theme, ‘Oat’ Nontawat Kaewsod, head bartender and co-owner of Teens Of Thailand, used the bar’s Chinatown locale as the starting point for their creation. Certain streets and areas in close proximity to TOT (as it’s more commonly known) are somewhat infamous for “ladies of the night”, who, to Oat and the TOT team, perfectly encapsulate the Love Hurts theme, thus inspiring their unique concoction, The Night Flower.

“We want to dedicate this drink to all the ladies of the night working around the corner.”

He continues to explain to us that The Night Flower is based upon some of the bittersweet scenarios these women go through and how, “During Valentine’s the [prostitutes] behave quite sweetly, but at the same time, at the end of the day, they need to work. So it’s sort of bittersweet”.

The cocktail, as well as its flavors, reflects just that: embracing the bitterness of the grapefruit juice mixed together with the sweetness of rum to emulate that bittersweet sensation.

“We used rum instead of gin, even though we’re a gin bar [laughs],” as the characteristic of sweetness is more commonly found in various rums rather than in aromatic and botanical gins and were quintessential to this specific creation. Seamlessly paired together with lemon juice, honey, Fernet Branca, and Amaro Nonino (a grappa based amaro) create the harmonic balance of The Night Flower.

“The look of the drink also symbolizes the look of the lady, as the garnish evokes a need, a desire in you, to have to have it.” The orange peel and slightly-torched rosemary twig used as garnish adds to the drink’s enticement, making for not only a unique cocktail but also an unexpected, overall imbibing experience.

Try The Night Flower, a cocktail collaboration by 2Mag x TOT, available every Friday until the 17th of March, exclusively at Teens Of Thailand.

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