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My Essentials : Holly Thaggard

Beauty secrets, travel essentials, and the inspirations behind some of the busiest individuals out there. The inspirational Holly Thaggard, founder of the groundbreaking SPF and skin care brand Supergoop! shares some of her essentials.

February 22, 2017
Superwoman Holly Thaggard, mother of two and founder/CEO of Supergoop! created the brand that put innovation back into the beauty industry (especially SPF products) since its launch back in 2007. Her products are currently sold at selected retailers worldwide -- as well as on its own website -- and a range of products will soon to be available at Sephora stores in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia this June. The former third grade teacher manages a seamless balance between her worklife and homelife all while traveling frequently throughout the year. She is not only the perfect candidate to share how she keeps it all together but also a role model for those looking to live passionately.
My beauty secrets
To kick start my day… I drink warm water and lemon and then a mid-morning crushed iced coffee.
To fix beauty emergencies I… keep Dr. Dana Stern’s Nail Renewal products in my bag. I hate chipped nails and -- particularly in the summer -- think nude nails look much healthier than color! Her Nail Renewal System is a great solution to healthy and beautiful nails.
To pamper myself… I’m a big fan of massage and meditation.
My signature scent is… Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Eau De Parfum.
Beauty products I can’t live without are… Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum, Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, and my new Dyson Blowdryer.

My life on the go
Item(s) I can’t live without while traveling… My Bombas crew socks, a neutral cashmere scarf, Bose noise cancelling headphones, and Supergoop! Defense Refresh SPF 50. UVA rays come right through the windows of a plane and, as you get closer to the sun, UV damage worsens. Not only does Defense Refresh boost my SPF protection, it’s also super refreshing.
Secrets to looking fresh off the plane… A few dabs of our Supergoop! Anti-aging Eye Cream SPF 37. This magic eye cream was formulated with Mica minerals that give the undereye area a nice luminous and brightening look, while also adding UV protection to the delicate skin around the eye area.
Top organization tip for a busy day… Identify and tackle the hard tasks first!
Favorite snack for staying healthy… Dry almonds or multi-grain toast with smoked salmon.
Image: Instagram @Supergoop
Image: Instagram @Supergoop
My home life
When I need a break… I light my favorite NEST candle and take a short, hot bath. If I have some free time I watch TED talks.
How I relax… I de-clutter. It feels so good to throw things away.
On staying happy… I have amazing support to help keep my life organized, which allows me to prioritize the things that mean the most to me: my kids and husband.

My inspirations
When I was little I wanted to be… A teacher. After graduating college, I became a school teacher and realized the four walls of a classroom quickly proved to be too restrictive for me. Now, I still feel like I’m teaching -- just to a larger audience.
I draw inspiration from… Competition! I’m the girl that can’t get off the treadmill until the people to my right and left have gotten off! I love competition and it inspires me.
I look up to… My mother. She has always juggled a very successful career and yet always had time when we were young for special projects and fabulous birthday parties, which I now know, as a mom of two, are not easy to make happen!
I am currently working on… Getting sunscreen in schools across America. Healthy habits start in our youth, and children’s thinner, younger skin is much more vulnerable to sun damage. It’s insane to me that SPF isn’t found in every classroom and school, particularly because children spend countless hours outside during peak sunlight hours.