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Nanda Hampe aka 100 Grams of Sun

The jetsetter one aspires to be is the one embodied by Nanda Hampe Toto, Thai model and co-founder (with husband Bartolomeo) of the awe-inspiring travel blog, 100Grams of Sun.

January 25, 2017
Most likely to be seen in her signature style (flowy dresses and one-of-a-kind swimwear) and constantly on the go, Nanda inspires us to dream of life beyond our 9 to 5 routines. The perfect person to offer advice on how to survive your travels, Nanda offers these tips for products and personal remedies that are essential to her very lifestyle.

My beauty secrets
To kick start my day I…need freshly squeezed orange juice. Nothing better than a good dose of vitamin C!
To pamper myself I…have massages and steam baths.
Beauty products I can’t live without are…La Mer concentrate and my pink NARS lipstick.

My life on the go
Items I can’t live without while traveling: My teddy bear Phil. He has been my partner in crime since day one in NYC and he has not once missed a single trip. I also can’t travel without a giant cashmere scarf and extra wool socks.
Secrets to looking fresh off the plane: Drink lots of water throughout your trip. Being hydrated helps with not being jet lagged! I also hydrate my skin with concentrate before getting on the plane to fight the dry air on the flight.
Top organizational tips for a busy day: The truth is that I am not very organized. I keep a lot of space for spontaneity throughout the day.
Favorite snack on a busy day: It’s not really a snack, but I always have dextrose sugar with me. Sometimes I can feel my sugar drop and need a quick pick-me-up.
Grand Hotel Tritone staircase on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.
B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa, Zürich, Switzerland.

My home life
When I need a break I…daydream of warmer days and longer rays.
If I have some free time I…take a much needed beauty nap!
On staying happy: Treasuring my experiences rather than my possessions.

My inspirations
When I was little I wanted to be…an ice hockey goalie. Far from what I do today!
I draw inspiration from: I always loved the wise words by Umberto Boccioni: “We must now learn to draw inspiration from the tangible miracles that surround us”.
To me, every new destination that I travel to is a miracle. And each and every place inspires me to see life from a better and brighter angle.
I look up to…my parents.
I am currently working on…our blog It’s like our baby [my husband’s and mine] that needs constant attention.