Thai Style Talk with O Thongthai

On the back of the drop of her video “Thai Style”, 2Mag has a convo with jewellry designer O Thongthai about the hypnotic soiree in Soi Nana, Chinatown that features in her video.

March 05, 2017
The “Thai Style” x Nana Video was shot in Soi Nana by Kachain and Gunthorn, edited by Gunthorn and O herself.
2: Tell us about Thai Style
O: I just want to show a bit of Bangkok, people I admire. The video is pretty much what I like about the city. It's like a trailer: part I. I'm working on another version so you are probably going to see part II very soon.

2: Who/what inspires Thai Style?
O: I found them boys on Instagram. I think they are amazing so I hunted them down and we started working together. I admire them in so many ways. People think they look like a bunch of bad boys but they are actually nicer than a lot of people I have met in my life. It's actually kind of reflected back to me as well. You know people wanna see just what they wanna see. They don't know your story and sometimes they don't even care.

2: What’s going down in Chinatown?
O: Personally, I love hanging out at night and spend some time during the day in Chinatown. I just find the culture clash there pretty inspiring. I met people who ran away from home, hipsters who just opened new cafes/bars/hostels, a few pawn shops with vintage gold and Rolexes, and local street food. The youth culture of now, pretty much.

For Soi Nana we’re just hanging out at Teens of Thailand. All the boys drink beer and I have my favorite infused Thai tea gin cocktail. Places to check out on Soi Nana: Teens of Thailand, Tep Bar, a new Chinese place—something bao?—and Heng Yord Pak (a noodle place).

O Thongthai founded her eponymous jewellry line in 2014 with a launch during London Fashion Week. She has since collaborated with Ryan Lo and Jelly Bellies and is the go-to jewel provider for the likes of MIA. She can be found at cool stores all over the world.