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That Milkshake a Freak

Bangkok is the latest destination for the originators of the global FreakShake sensation.

April 13, 2017
The year is 2015. The world of food lovers awakes to a new food trend. They’re calling it the ‘FreakShake’, and it is the latest in a globe-sweeping craze of putting copious amounts of food on top of other food, and garnishing it with more food. Viewers recall bloody marys topped with entire meals—last year’s craze. But this time, it’s dessert.

The FreakShake was not just an absurd way to make milk more interesting, but a way to make Canberra’s Pâtissez café an overnight viral success. Milkshake makers the world over have attempted to replicate the success of the original, but nothing can compare to the recipes that started it all. The masses of publicity these piled-high confections generated gave Pâtissez a chance to set up shop in some of Asia’s most hype-susceptible cities: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and now Bangkok. Forget everything you thought you knew about lesser, imitation “freak shakes”. This is the OG.

Pâtissez’s FreakShakes start with simple flavours, like mint, nutella, or Thai tea, and push them to their freaky limit. The Mint Condition freakshake is a cooling, crunchy mint chocolate milkshake paired with hot fudge chocolate sauce and topped with mint white chocolate mousse and a mint chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich. It’s a lot of mint and chocolate.

The Bangkok exclusive Thai Freak blends classic Thai tea with white chocolate, coconut, toasted almonds and salted caramel, and is topped with a whipped cream and a semifreddo popsicle. Yeah, a whole ice-cream on top.

The bestselling Pretzella is a rich Nutella milkshake, served inside a Nutella-smeared glass and topped with vanilla mousse, Nutella, pretzels, and Nutella-dipped pretzels.

Sensing a theme here? Despite the excess, each FreakShake is a considered, flavourful creation immaculately assembled from handmade ingredients. They’re sweet, sinful, and delightfully messy.

Pâtissez is located at Parc 39, Soi Phrom Si 1, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok. (facebook: patissezbangkok)