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The Hair Affairs of 77th Salon

Jewelry and accessory designer Phongmanas ‘Tle’ Sawaddichai brings his brand of sass and badassery to the wonderful world of hairdressing.

February 01, 2017
Phongmanas ‘Tle’ Sawaddichai, founder of cult jewelry brand 77th, is a man of vision —a wonderfully wacky, whimsical vision. For nearly a decade, we’ve watched him mold and solder crystals, resin, paints, and Perspex into charmingly surreal creations: raving mermaids, lipstick skyscrapers, perm-eared poodles, and pearl-studded gorillas. And now, with the unveiling of his latest passion project, 77th Salon, we're ready to have those same magical fingers running through our manes. Follow Tle down the rabbit hole as he walks us through his lair of hair…
“I love creating my own pieces as well. For example, I had a ton of ceramic books made and, for ages, had no idea what to do with them. So finally, I had them stacked into these cute little end tables.”
“Hair is self-contained: the process unfolds, from start to finish, in a matter of hours. Beauty is revealed; satisfaction is immediate. It’s not like when I’m designing a jewelry collection, where it could take up to three months of sheer planning, research, direction, etc. before I even get to see the first prototype! With hair, it’s all there: we consult, we talk, we transform. The customer is happy, I’m happy; it’s instant happiness.”
Image courtesy of @sitaabellan

My hair muse has to be Sita Abellan. She’s a model/musician in Rihanna’s girl gang and has this incredible electric blue hair. She’s fierce! And it’s amazing how she’s managed to maintain the hue and health of her hair for so long. I mean, I’ve never touched it, but you can definitely tell from photos that it’s still in great condition.

For guys, it's Candy Ken. He’s a muse for Diesel who sports these crazy colored buzz cuts and Hello Kitty temporary tattoos all over his face. He’s great.

Someone a little more “mass” would be Lady Gaga. I love that she uses wigs to achieve these fantastic, surreal styles. It’s very 77th—mixing surrealism with pop culture sensibilities and a touch of vintage.

Image courtesy of Gum Salon
Image courtesy of Blackstones
My favorite hair salon of all time is Gum Salon in Milan, Italy. It’s this super cool space, very minimal. Sita Abellan gets her color done there. Also, Blackstones in New York. It’s filled with these gorgeous taxidermied animals but done in a very clean, classy way.
77th Salon
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Open Tuesdays - Sunday, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM.
The salon is currently operating by appointment only.
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